Our Story

How It All Started….

The Line Painters is a Guelph based company that does one thing really well, paint pavement, and have done so for over 10+ years.  We work for a wide range of amazing customers all over Ontario, helping them restore order and flow to their properties.

It was one day, when the owner was dropping his children off at school that he realized that the play yard games were faded and outdated.  The children weren’t interested in them and he realized that something needed to be done.

In the ol’ days, pavement games were the centre of attention for recess breaks, and this active and imaginative play was important for physical and social development of children.

So we innovated what schools are able do with their play yards, bringing life back into pavement games and promoting active play again.  We hit the drawing board,  working closely with our professional suppliers to develop new games that engage and colorful paint that stands out and is specialized for lasting use on pavement.

And from that point, The Playground Painters was born.