COVID Playgrounds

The Landscape Has Changed

With the pandemic still around, school are looking for ways to keep active play going while dealing with this tough situation.  the pandemic has enforced rules on school to social distance and not use shared equipment like balls.  We can help bring back the fun in your play yard while following the mandated rules.

Play Yard Separation

Whether you are looking to divide the play yard by age or category, we can help paint these lines using temporary or permanent pavement paint.  Or we can add a bit of fun to the separation by using shapes, numbers or letters in a variety of colours.

Social Distance Lineups

Do you students line up when it’s time to go into school but are having difficulty keeping them apart.  We offer line up staging to solve this problem for you.  Choose from simple lines, shapes, letters or numbers to help students know where to lineup and stand to ensure social distancing.

No More Balls, No Problem

One of the biggest challenges we see is that school are having trouble finding play yard games that don’t involve shared equipment or proper distancing.  We have a wide range of games to solve this problem and get the kids playing together again.